How to Save Thousands on your Bills

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How to Save Thousands on your Bills – The dreaded ‘B’ word – Bills! We’ve all got them. Too many of them. Electric, cable, internet, phone, insurance….where does it end? It’s like looking down a bottomless black hole. You go to bed at night and hope you’re paying the best rate, but absolutely dread calling your providers to negotiate better pricing. (Let me assure you – you’re not alone! Not one bit.)


You wish there was some way for you to pay less on your bills, but not have to pick up the phone and do the dirty work. If only there was a way. Well…. I am pleased to announce that day has come!

How to Save Thousands on your Bills

Let me tell you about an awesome service you can use to save money on your monthly bills. It doesn’t require you to do any of the negotiating! And yes, such a thing really does exist.


What is it & how does it work?

The service is appropriately called Billcutterz. You sign up for an account, send them your bills, and answer some questions. Billcutterz will then contact your providers to get you discounts, lower rates, and promotional credits. Pretty sweet, huh?


For more information on how it works, go HERE.


Does it cost anything?

For the first 12 months, you will split the savings with Billscutterz 50/50. This means that if they save you $50 per month for the first 12 months, you’ll get $25/month and they’ll get $25/month. After 12 months, all the savings is yours to keep! If they don’t save you money, there is no charge to you at all.


How do I send in my bills?

  • Download a billing statement from your provider’s website, then add it to your Billcutterz account
  • Email scanned documents/high quality pictures to
  • Fax scanned documents/high quality pictures to (361) 444-1994


Still have questions?

Visit Billcutterz FAQs if there’s anything you’re not sure about.


You honestly have nothing to lose by signing up for this amazing service. Most likely you’ll end up with better rates on at least 1 of your bills and all the haggling is done for you. (You’re welcome!) No need to worry about trying to do the hard part on your own. Not to mention that Billcutterz typically gets a lot further with providers than you would on your own. If they don’t find you savings, it’s not costing you anything. And if they do, you’re simply splitting the savings 50/50 for the first year.


Why not take a few minutes and see what happens? You may be able to save thousands, which means you’ll have more money to pay off debt, get ahead on bills, or take a vacation! It’s quick and easy and you can’t lose anything by trying.


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