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About Me

Hey there! I’m Teresa – a money-saving guru, mom of 2, & a wife! Saving money has become my passion. It has allowed my family to live our very best lives while living on a single income. I stay home with the kids and run my blog full-time.


Let me give you a little background on how The Big Money Saver was born.

A few years ago, we were a two income family barely making ends meet. We had our daughter to support and could barely cover the bills between the two of us. Something had to change. I started taking a closer look at our bills and uncovered several things we could do to help our financial situation. That was the start of my money-saving journey.


We ended up moving 500 miles away and went down to a single income family, all while having baby #2. That’s how we still live to this day, and we’re THRIVING! It’s all been made possible by the money-saving techniques I’ve used. I decided to take everything I learned and put it out there into the world so I could help others.


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